Thursday, January 22, 2009

Roller Coaster & Loving It

Greetings & Salutations My Friends!


Man alive what a roller coaster the last couple days have been, and oh how much I have loved (pretty much) every minute of it! I can’t quite wrap my brain around the fact that it’s been almost two full days since my level three attunement because it seems like it was weeks and weeks ago in many ways. However, it has indeed been two days, and all I can start out by saying about the attunement itself is holycanarywowwhattheheckwasthatbutkeepgoing! Did ya catch all that? If not, let me try to explain just a little bit better (though pardon any holes in my thought process, have had a lot going on... I know, shame on me for not writing to everyone right away...)...


With the way my Tuesday started, for a moment I wasn’t sure I was going to have the time or energy to go through with the attunement. In fact I was discussing (read:whining) with a friend of mine that has been following my journey that I was so disappointed that it would probably be another day before I had an opportunity to call level three. So, as usual, something came up and I had to get off the phone. Well not an hour later she’s calling with this “big emergency” so my whole family would leave me alone... got into the bedroom to find out what was going on and she said “there, now you have an hour, go call your attunement silly.” That girl is a nutcase but boy howdy I am glad... so I laid down as per my usual “stance” for calling attunements and... did my thing. Now initially I found it interesting because this time BOTH of my palms started vibrating like mad. Of course, both of them vibrate when I’m dealing with Reiki at all, but this time the right was going just as actively as the left... something truly unusual. I simply lay there for a few moments and relaxed when I started to notice the same flux feelings throughout my body like I’d felt after the second attunement. The major difference was that the flux with this time was, I could almost specifically count, centered directly on my chakras. It felt a lot like someone was pumping up a balloon one breath at a time, and the balloons were somewhere inside me. (There’s a nice visual for ya! LOL) This went on for several minutes (or so it felt) and I was just starting to get relaxed into the feelings and vibrations and energy when the second and... er... interesting part come into play... remember when I talked in attunement one about the lava that I felt throughout my body? Well in a poof the lava was back and (though not painful AT ALL) was burning hot as ever as it moved, first slowly, up my feet/ankles and legs. Once again I could feel this lava-like energy moving up my entire body until it got to just about my crown chakra. By this time pretty much every inch of me was warm, fluxing and vibrating all at the same time, for a few seconds (as it felt) things just rather sat there... then, well, I don’t know that I can explain this with any sort of accuracy, but the only way I can think to explain is that I now know how a volcano feels when it first blows it’s cap because I felt... literally, this lava shift and (I know, I sound nutzoid) go launching out of my crown chakra. After I had full body shivers for what must have been ten minutes (good ones somehow) everything calmed down and suddenly stopped and I was left with this amazing, amazing feeling of being more complete.


I laid there for a good half hour after it was all finished and just luxuriated in the pleasant afterglow of the attunement, feeling the remaining trickles of energy and getting a feel for what had changed in myself. I’ve had a heck of a few days just going through the various cleansings and healing that are available... I received my certificate from Alice (Woot! Alice rocks!) and it is now hanging proudly in a nice frame in my room. I’ve been continuously sending Reiki to myself and to others, and as odd as this probably sounds, I can feel myself improving just a bit faster than I had been, a bit more every day.


I do want to say thank you for the hundredth time to Alice, and to each of you readers. Don’t think for one second that this will be the end of my blogging about Reiki. In the near future (read: next couple of days) I’d also like to go over with y’all how it feels, from my perspective, to actually send the different methods (ie touch, remote, house cleanings, chrystalline, etc) to others and how I feel receiving them myself. I also (of course) will have to take you all on the journey I experience (from the mentor’s perspective) as I act as mentor to someone else, bringing them in to the Reiki family and extending the love and joy to yet another person.  I am also working on a new site that will be a very casual affair for myself and my Reiki family (which, BTW, includes all of you J ).


It may be a little bit before I update again (again, a couple days as I work on the new site) but rest assured that you will see Mr Spirit on his reiki journey again soon! Many blessings, peace, love and light to you all and please PLEASE feel free to comment below with any questions, comments or concerns J


Dave AKA Mr Spirit


Monday, January 19, 2009

House Cleansing Evidence?

Greetings & Salutations My Friends!


Well I know it’s been a few days since I’ve written anything but I wanted to update you on what’s been happening, along with a special little testimony of sorts to share with any that might wish to understand if I’ve noticed any significant changes compliments of the Reiki now in my life. In relation to what’s been going on the past (almost) week, I can’t say that (beyond my little testimony coming up) anything spectacular has been happening. I’ve been keeping up with both my daily meditation and sending Reiki every day (better than I think I’ve ever kept up with daily things like that LOL). I have felt things balancing through my entire life slowly but surely and there are a few people that I’m sending Reiki to daily that have noticed things feeling differently day by day as well. If I sound disappointed by all means I am just the opposite, in fact I’m as happy as I’ve been for a good long while.


The interesting thing that happened as a realization lately actually rather caught me off guard. One of the things that I do through my daily Reiki is sending Reiki to each room of my house and to the entire house itself. Though I had noticed, from an energy perspective, things have felt so much smoother over the last week, I hadn’t noticed any spectacular differences. Then tonight happened... now something I have to explain as a bit of a pre-cursor is that I live very close to my immediately family. When I say very close, I mean I have two sisters and they are both within two doors of my house. Sister one is two doors down to the left and sister two is two doors across from us on the next block over. I should also mention that sister one has four kids and sister two has eight kids. In the long and short of it, this means that there is (and has been for some time) tons of drama involved. Now for the last year-ish (since we moved here) the drama has been infused in one way or another to our daily life. One of the specific intents with which I have been sending is a cleansing and healing to the constant drama specifically in our home. I have also been meditating daily on our ability to be an audience to the drama if it must be there, instead of actively involved. So tonight we have something that normally happens about once every three months or so... the drama explosion occurs. I suppose every time somebody holds in some of their own drama, it just releases every third month or so. That happened tonight, and normally when this happens we are in the dead center of it all. Tonight? For the first time ever, everything that happened did so at everybody else’s house! Even when people would come in to talk about what was going on, they would walk in the door much calmer than was called for considering the situation. It took me a bit to figure out what the heck was going on until I realized... holy crap... the Reiki house cleansings are working! I could almost feel the Reiki (nevermind I was sending Reiki to the person and the room every time someone walked in the door) catching their negativity and washing it away. Yes, I’m a bit tired, more so than normal right now, but to have had the calmness tonight that we did considering the situation? Well I am absolutely 1,000,000,000 times thankful again that Alice, my mentor, has brought me into this fabulous healing world and I cannot WAIT for tomorrows attunement so I can continue on this journey (hopefully with all of you joining) and so that I can begin to bring others into this fabulous world as well.


Peace, Love & Light to you all until we meet again...


Dave AKA Mr Spirit


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Second Attunement

Greetings & Salutations My Friends!


Well today has certainly been an adventurous day! Though much of the day has been the standard chaos of my home life, today was also the day that I received my second Kundalini Reiki attunement. It’s rather interesting because it is beginning to appear to me that the Reiki is doing everything possible to completely throw me off. And I just have to say how incredibly happy that actually makes me. Now I’m sure most of you remember my first attunement (the one where I ended up bouncing off the walls for most of the rest of the day) so that was a bit of what I was expecting with the second attunement as well. Boy was I wrong. As much as the first attunement prompted a long, detailed description, the second attunement can be summarized (kinda) as two things... vibration and extreme, extreme relaxation. When I first called the second attunement all I started feeling was the soft vibration that has become typical for any time I am dealing with Reiki... I’ve always thought that I experienced life all at once until today... in a split second EVERY inch of my body was simply vibrating... the vibrations weren’t necessarily all straightline, in fact there was a great deal of fluctuations for nearly the entire time, but if you’ve ever felt one of those massaging seats, well, place that vibration in your entire body. Though it felt like it was only a few minutes (it was actually about 20) I realized about halfway through that I was feeling extremely, extremely relaxed. As in, more relaxed than I ever remember feeling while still awake. The interesting thing is that even though that cutoff happened as quickly as it did the first time... the vibrations stopped in a split second... the feeling of intense relaxation hasn’t particularly left me. Take a few moments ago for example... my grandmother’s pot that we’ve used for tea for my entire life just got broken. I normally would’ve dissolved into tears. I’m upset, yes, but still relaxed.


With that said I’ve got to go do a bit of cleaning up... one other little thing to note. As I’ve gone through the attunements I’ve continued to notice changes in how I feel, my energy... well I’ve come to the conclusion that Reiki can cause some massive static electricity. How do I come to that conclusion? Nothing has changed in our house... I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been “shocked” in the last five years. In the last five hours I’ve been shocked as much as that and triple since yesterday. You do the math ;) I don’t mind though, it’s just further evidence that this IS making serious changes in my energy...


Peace, Love & Light until I am able to blog again.


Dave AKA Mr Spirit


Monday, January 12, 2009

A Day of Reiki One :)

Greetings & Salutations My Friends!

My what an adventurous day this has been. Exciting and surprising all at the same time. As I am someone that takes instructions quite seriously, I knew that my primary goal for today was to practice, practice, practice – and that’s exactly what I did. In fact nearly every waking moment from the moment that I woke up I spent sending Reiki or, at minimum, thinking about Reiki. There are a lot of folks that would likely have said that I have turned into a man obsessed, but as I told Alice it’s as if since my attunement I have been given an absolutely delicious appetizer that I have greatly, greatly enjoyed throughout the day. C’mon we all have experienced those food moments when all we can talk about with our friends is how delicious such and such food was, right? Well that’s what I’m experiencing with the Reiki.

So as far as specific experiences, I don’t suppose I have an amazing amount to report. I spoke to several of my friends that knew I was interested in Reiki and they happily allowed me to practice my distance Reiki with them. Every time I was sending Reiki, be it distance or touch, my left hand (and to a much smaller degree my right) would start vibrating like crazy, most especially in my palms, and I would get a slow flow of heat through them. It was a bit odd because I could feel the energy moving through my hands, again feeling a lot like the consistency I imagine lava would feel. I had one family member that allowed me to send via touch and all she could talk about (in a happy way) was how warm my hands were and how relaxed she felt. At one point she just started giggling uncontrollably... now if I could just control my own giggling in response to a client’s giggles I would be doing great! ;) The other thing that I heard throughout the day as I sent to various people was how warm they felt throughout the session. I must’ve sent Reiki (distance included) to about 10 people today and in all but one circumstance they described a feeling of distinct warmth in various parts of their body. I’ve also spent part of the day going through my house and the houses of my family cleaning them out room by room. I didn’t expect their to be any specific reaction from anybody on that, but at one point someone in my household walked into the living room just after I’d finished sending that cleaning and he said “Uncle David (is my nephew) did you spray something in here? It smells really clean.” So that was definitely a surprise.

I think the only other thing that has been going on today is that I have been noticing some pretty significant shifts within myself. From an energy perspective I can quite distinctly feel shifting that has been going on all day. The only way that I can think to describe it: If you normally have a flow of energy that feels like water going through your entire body in cycles, then what I’ve felt with these energy shifts is the flow of water changing... essentially, moving blocks and going around other things and redirecting its own path, all leading to a much smoother much faster flow of that same energy/water. Physically the only real difference I’ve noticed is................... well, you are my friends so you can hear this... I have definitely noticed that I am being cleansed and toxins are being removed. Now if I need to go into any great detail on how I know that, well you’ll just have to drag it out of me (read: post the question in the comments here).

So now I am getting ready for bed (I am a bit tired) anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s level two attunement. There is a great part of me that wants to wake up at the crack of dawn and get the attunement first thing in the morning, but I have some errands to run tomorrow (including two doc appointments) and Scouts tomorrow night. This does not mean I am promising that I will wait. It is likely I will hope to catch Alice in the morning and do the attunements then... if nothing else (to go back to my appetizer metaphor) I have greatly enjoyed the appetizer and now I am very, very ready for the salad.

To each of you I thank you for reading, thank you for any comments you may make (please, PLEASE ask questions... you may ask something I don’t think of to tell you myself), and may peace, love and light dwell with and bless you until we meet again!


First Distance Send

Greetings & Salutations My Friends!

I had the joy and pleasure of being able to send my first distance Reiki not long ago. I think it is striking how fortunate I have become in this situation because my first distance send was to someone that was absolutely open to the receipt of Reiki. She was also very, very descriptive in her experience as a whole. From my personal perspective, the experience was extremely relaxing. Laying down (I’m sure I’ll be sending upright eventually but for now I like to lay down, it helps me relax) I simply followed the procedure (extremely simple) for sending the distance Reiki and sat back to enjoy the energy. Right away I felt the vibration begin again in my left hand and shortly after it started (to a lesser degree) in my right hand. A few seconds went by and both hands began to get very warm. As I lay and enjoy the feeling of the vibrations coursing through my hands my “client” began to immediately talk about warmth starting to spread through her feet and ankles. After a few minutes I could feel the vibrations taper off until they finally stopped completely. I admit it wasn’t overwhelming from the sending perspective, in that “OMG that was so unbelievable!” way... but at the same time it was because I was so very relaxed and because there was nill doubt in my mind that the Reiki was being sent and would go to where it would give her the most good. I won’t go into any great detail on her experience (mostly because I have invited her to come on as a guest author and post the experience) but I will say she seemed to enjoy the experience greatly. Hey, something has to be good if they ask for a repeat right? LOL

Well I am supremely relaxed and somewhat tired so I believe the bed is calling me now. I anxiously await tonight as the energy continues to shift in my body and I practice and prepare myself for the second attunement.

Peace, Love & Light to you until we meet again...David