Monday, January 12, 2009

A Day of Reiki One :)

Greetings & Salutations My Friends!

My what an adventurous day this has been. Exciting and surprising all at the same time. As I am someone that takes instructions quite seriously, I knew that my primary goal for today was to practice, practice, practice – and that’s exactly what I did. In fact nearly every waking moment from the moment that I woke up I spent sending Reiki or, at minimum, thinking about Reiki. There are a lot of folks that would likely have said that I have turned into a man obsessed, but as I told Alice it’s as if since my attunement I have been given an absolutely delicious appetizer that I have greatly, greatly enjoyed throughout the day. C’mon we all have experienced those food moments when all we can talk about with our friends is how delicious such and such food was, right? Well that’s what I’m experiencing with the Reiki.

So as far as specific experiences, I don’t suppose I have an amazing amount to report. I spoke to several of my friends that knew I was interested in Reiki and they happily allowed me to practice my distance Reiki with them. Every time I was sending Reiki, be it distance or touch, my left hand (and to a much smaller degree my right) would start vibrating like crazy, most especially in my palms, and I would get a slow flow of heat through them. It was a bit odd because I could feel the energy moving through my hands, again feeling a lot like the consistency I imagine lava would feel. I had one family member that allowed me to send via touch and all she could talk about (in a happy way) was how warm my hands were and how relaxed she felt. At one point she just started giggling uncontrollably... now if I could just control my own giggling in response to a client’s giggles I would be doing great! ;) The other thing that I heard throughout the day as I sent to various people was how warm they felt throughout the session. I must’ve sent Reiki (distance included) to about 10 people today and in all but one circumstance they described a feeling of distinct warmth in various parts of their body. I’ve also spent part of the day going through my house and the houses of my family cleaning them out room by room. I didn’t expect their to be any specific reaction from anybody on that, but at one point someone in my household walked into the living room just after I’d finished sending that cleaning and he said “Uncle David (is my nephew) did you spray something in here? It smells really clean.” So that was definitely a surprise.

I think the only other thing that has been going on today is that I have been noticing some pretty significant shifts within myself. From an energy perspective I can quite distinctly feel shifting that has been going on all day. The only way that I can think to describe it: If you normally have a flow of energy that feels like water going through your entire body in cycles, then what I’ve felt with these energy shifts is the flow of water changing... essentially, moving blocks and going around other things and redirecting its own path, all leading to a much smoother much faster flow of that same energy/water. Physically the only real difference I’ve noticed is................... well, you are my friends so you can hear this... I have definitely noticed that I am being cleansed and toxins are being removed. Now if I need to go into any great detail on how I know that, well you’ll just have to drag it out of me (read: post the question in the comments here).

So now I am getting ready for bed (I am a bit tired) anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s level two attunement. There is a great part of me that wants to wake up at the crack of dawn and get the attunement first thing in the morning, but I have some errands to run tomorrow (including two doc appointments) and Scouts tomorrow night. This does not mean I am promising that I will wait. It is likely I will hope to catch Alice in the morning and do the attunements then... if nothing else (to go back to my appetizer metaphor) I have greatly enjoyed the appetizer and now I am very, very ready for the salad.

To each of you I thank you for reading, thank you for any comments you may make (please, PLEASE ask questions... you may ask something I don’t think of to tell you myself), and may peace, love and light dwell with and bless you until we meet again!


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