Sunday, January 11, 2009

My first session

Greetings & Salutations My Friends!

As a bit of a pre-note to everyone that might be reading, as I will likely say many times (and thanks to Alice for the reminder about this) I want to tell everyone that what I am experience may or may not be what you experience. Every person that goes through the Reiki journey does so in their own way. Perhaps more than anything I’ve personally experienced it is an individual experience. Wow. I didn’t particularly know that the word “experience” could be that many times in a single sentence. Aaaanyway...!

I’ve had a bit of a chat with Alice (my mentor in case ya missed that) about the experience itself and truly feel ready now to begin my first session. I admit going into this I am a bit concerned that someone I might “mess up” but I’ve been assured that as long as it feels right and the intent is there you can’t truly mess up sending Reiki. There is some comfort in that assurance, so all I can do is go give it the good ole college try. I’ll be back in just a little bit... making a few quick reminder notes and then off to send... well... to me!

Weeeeeeee! Ok I’m not gonna lie that was FUN! Ok... deep breaths David... LOL. Pardon me I’m going to go be giddy for just a bit longer! Woot!

Yes I’m much calmer now. As a bit of a footnote I want to apologize to anyone that might be expecting a professional, beautifully written account of the Reiki process. My purpose and thought behind writing this blog is to give a bit of a clue to the average person who is wondering “so what could happen when I get my attunements and stuff.” With that said, as you might’ve noticed with my earlier sentence of pure giddiness sending the Reiki to myself had two distinct reactions. The first would be a definite tingle in the palm of both hands, though it was definitely stronger in the left. I’ll have to ask poor Alice (I say poor because I am pestering the crap out of her) if that’s anything that is normal or supposed to be. Actually I’m beginning to wonder if it would be better to describe it as vibration instead of tingling. The second thing that I noticed was that I feel far, far more relaxed than even I did after the attunement. I was slightly distracted by the vibration in my hands but I did feel a distinct warmth spread throughout my body. It was so rapid initially I wasn’t able to notice where the heat specifically started, but I am glad to know that I will have plenty of experience and opportunity to feel it myself.

I’m a bit distracted because a bunch of family just came in but rest assured I will be posting again very, very soon. I have to go find my first recipient for touch and distance Reiki.

Peace, love and light!

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