Monday, January 12, 2009

First Distance Send

Greetings & Salutations My Friends!

I had the joy and pleasure of being able to send my first distance Reiki not long ago. I think it is striking how fortunate I have become in this situation because my first distance send was to someone that was absolutely open to the receipt of Reiki. She was also very, very descriptive in her experience as a whole. From my personal perspective, the experience was extremely relaxing. Laying down (I’m sure I’ll be sending upright eventually but for now I like to lay down, it helps me relax) I simply followed the procedure (extremely simple) for sending the distance Reiki and sat back to enjoy the energy. Right away I felt the vibration begin again in my left hand and shortly after it started (to a lesser degree) in my right hand. A few seconds went by and both hands began to get very warm. As I lay and enjoy the feeling of the vibrations coursing through my hands my “client” began to immediately talk about warmth starting to spread through her feet and ankles. After a few minutes I could feel the vibrations taper off until they finally stopped completely. I admit it wasn’t overwhelming from the sending perspective, in that “OMG that was so unbelievable!” way... but at the same time it was because I was so very relaxed and because there was nill doubt in my mind that the Reiki was being sent and would go to where it would give her the most good. I won’t go into any great detail on her experience (mostly because I have invited her to come on as a guest author and post the experience) but I will say she seemed to enjoy the experience greatly. Hey, something has to be good if they ask for a repeat right? LOL

Well I am supremely relaxed and somewhat tired so I believe the bed is calling me now. I anxiously await tonight as the energy continues to shift in my body and I practice and prepare myself for the second attunement.

Peace, Love & Light to you until we meet again...David

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