Monday, January 19, 2009

House Cleansing Evidence?

Greetings & Salutations My Friends!


Well I know it’s been a few days since I’ve written anything but I wanted to update you on what’s been happening, along with a special little testimony of sorts to share with any that might wish to understand if I’ve noticed any significant changes compliments of the Reiki now in my life. In relation to what’s been going on the past (almost) week, I can’t say that (beyond my little testimony coming up) anything spectacular has been happening. I’ve been keeping up with both my daily meditation and sending Reiki every day (better than I think I’ve ever kept up with daily things like that LOL). I have felt things balancing through my entire life slowly but surely and there are a few people that I’m sending Reiki to daily that have noticed things feeling differently day by day as well. If I sound disappointed by all means I am just the opposite, in fact I’m as happy as I’ve been for a good long while.


The interesting thing that happened as a realization lately actually rather caught me off guard. One of the things that I do through my daily Reiki is sending Reiki to each room of my house and to the entire house itself. Though I had noticed, from an energy perspective, things have felt so much smoother over the last week, I hadn’t noticed any spectacular differences. Then tonight happened... now something I have to explain as a bit of a pre-cursor is that I live very close to my immediately family. When I say very close, I mean I have two sisters and they are both within two doors of my house. Sister one is two doors down to the left and sister two is two doors across from us on the next block over. I should also mention that sister one has four kids and sister two has eight kids. In the long and short of it, this means that there is (and has been for some time) tons of drama involved. Now for the last year-ish (since we moved here) the drama has been infused in one way or another to our daily life. One of the specific intents with which I have been sending is a cleansing and healing to the constant drama specifically in our home. I have also been meditating daily on our ability to be an audience to the drama if it must be there, instead of actively involved. So tonight we have something that normally happens about once every three months or so... the drama explosion occurs. I suppose every time somebody holds in some of their own drama, it just releases every third month or so. That happened tonight, and normally when this happens we are in the dead center of it all. Tonight? For the first time ever, everything that happened did so at everybody else’s house! Even when people would come in to talk about what was going on, they would walk in the door much calmer than was called for considering the situation. It took me a bit to figure out what the heck was going on until I realized... holy crap... the Reiki house cleansings are working! I could almost feel the Reiki (nevermind I was sending Reiki to the person and the room every time someone walked in the door) catching their negativity and washing it away. Yes, I’m a bit tired, more so than normal right now, but to have had the calmness tonight that we did considering the situation? Well I am absolutely 1,000,000,000 times thankful again that Alice, my mentor, has brought me into this fabulous healing world and I cannot WAIT for tomorrows attunement so I can continue on this journey (hopefully with all of you joining) and so that I can begin to bring others into this fabulous world as well.


Peace, Love & Light to you all until we meet again...


Dave AKA Mr Spirit


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Alice Langholt said...

Love the visual of people becoming noticably calmer as a result of the energy you've brought into your house! Awesome work David! I'm loving your blog!