Thursday, January 22, 2009

Roller Coaster & Loving It

Greetings & Salutations My Friends!


Man alive what a roller coaster the last couple days have been, and oh how much I have loved (pretty much) every minute of it! I can’t quite wrap my brain around the fact that it’s been almost two full days since my level three attunement because it seems like it was weeks and weeks ago in many ways. However, it has indeed been two days, and all I can start out by saying about the attunement itself is holycanarywowwhattheheckwasthatbutkeepgoing! Did ya catch all that? If not, let me try to explain just a little bit better (though pardon any holes in my thought process, have had a lot going on... I know, shame on me for not writing to everyone right away...)...


With the way my Tuesday started, for a moment I wasn’t sure I was going to have the time or energy to go through with the attunement. In fact I was discussing (read:whining) with a friend of mine that has been following my journey that I was so disappointed that it would probably be another day before I had an opportunity to call level three. So, as usual, something came up and I had to get off the phone. Well not an hour later she’s calling with this “big emergency” so my whole family would leave me alone... got into the bedroom to find out what was going on and she said “there, now you have an hour, go call your attunement silly.” That girl is a nutcase but boy howdy I am glad... so I laid down as per my usual “stance” for calling attunements and... did my thing. Now initially I found it interesting because this time BOTH of my palms started vibrating like mad. Of course, both of them vibrate when I’m dealing with Reiki at all, but this time the right was going just as actively as the left... something truly unusual. I simply lay there for a few moments and relaxed when I started to notice the same flux feelings throughout my body like I’d felt after the second attunement. The major difference was that the flux with this time was, I could almost specifically count, centered directly on my chakras. It felt a lot like someone was pumping up a balloon one breath at a time, and the balloons were somewhere inside me. (There’s a nice visual for ya! LOL) This went on for several minutes (or so it felt) and I was just starting to get relaxed into the feelings and vibrations and energy when the second and... er... interesting part come into play... remember when I talked in attunement one about the lava that I felt throughout my body? Well in a poof the lava was back and (though not painful AT ALL) was burning hot as ever as it moved, first slowly, up my feet/ankles and legs. Once again I could feel this lava-like energy moving up my entire body until it got to just about my crown chakra. By this time pretty much every inch of me was warm, fluxing and vibrating all at the same time, for a few seconds (as it felt) things just rather sat there... then, well, I don’t know that I can explain this with any sort of accuracy, but the only way I can think to explain is that I now know how a volcano feels when it first blows it’s cap because I felt... literally, this lava shift and (I know, I sound nutzoid) go launching out of my crown chakra. After I had full body shivers for what must have been ten minutes (good ones somehow) everything calmed down and suddenly stopped and I was left with this amazing, amazing feeling of being more complete.


I laid there for a good half hour after it was all finished and just luxuriated in the pleasant afterglow of the attunement, feeling the remaining trickles of energy and getting a feel for what had changed in myself. I’ve had a heck of a few days just going through the various cleansings and healing that are available... I received my certificate from Alice (Woot! Alice rocks!) and it is now hanging proudly in a nice frame in my room. I’ve been continuously sending Reiki to myself and to others, and as odd as this probably sounds, I can feel myself improving just a bit faster than I had been, a bit more every day.


I do want to say thank you for the hundredth time to Alice, and to each of you readers. Don’t think for one second that this will be the end of my blogging about Reiki. In the near future (read: next couple of days) I’d also like to go over with y’all how it feels, from my perspective, to actually send the different methods (ie touch, remote, house cleanings, chrystalline, etc) to others and how I feel receiving them myself. I also (of course) will have to take you all on the journey I experience (from the mentor’s perspective) as I act as mentor to someone else, bringing them in to the Reiki family and extending the love and joy to yet another person.  I am also working on a new site that will be a very casual affair for myself and my Reiki family (which, BTW, includes all of you J ).


It may be a little bit before I update again (again, a couple days as I work on the new site) but rest assured that you will see Mr Spirit on his reiki journey again soon! Many blessings, peace, love and light to you all and please PLEASE feel free to comment below with any questions, comments or concerns J


Dave AKA Mr Spirit



Alice Langholt said...

Wonderful, Dave, just wonderful. I'm blissed out just reading about your experience.

Thanks again for letting me be a part of it and treating me with such generous and heartfelt appreciation.

Love & Light,

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you and I am more excited than ever to continue on my own journey ;-)

Light, Love, and Happiness!