Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Second Attunement

Greetings & Salutations My Friends!


Well today has certainly been an adventurous day! Though much of the day has been the standard chaos of my home life, today was also the day that I received my second Kundalini Reiki attunement. It’s rather interesting because it is beginning to appear to me that the Reiki is doing everything possible to completely throw me off. And I just have to say how incredibly happy that actually makes me. Now I’m sure most of you remember my first attunement (the one where I ended up bouncing off the walls for most of the rest of the day) so that was a bit of what I was expecting with the second attunement as well. Boy was I wrong. As much as the first attunement prompted a long, detailed description, the second attunement can be summarized (kinda) as two things... vibration and extreme, extreme relaxation. When I first called the second attunement all I started feeling was the soft vibration that has become typical for any time I am dealing with Reiki... I’ve always thought that I experienced life all at once until today... in a split second EVERY inch of my body was simply vibrating... the vibrations weren’t necessarily all straightline, in fact there was a great deal of fluctuations for nearly the entire time, but if you’ve ever felt one of those massaging seats, well, place that vibration in your entire body. Though it felt like it was only a few minutes (it was actually about 20) I realized about halfway through that I was feeling extremely, extremely relaxed. As in, more relaxed than I ever remember feeling while still awake. The interesting thing is that even though that cutoff happened as quickly as it did the first time... the vibrations stopped in a split second... the feeling of intense relaxation hasn’t particularly left me. Take a few moments ago for example... my grandmother’s pot that we’ve used for tea for my entire life just got broken. I normally would’ve dissolved into tears. I’m upset, yes, but still relaxed.


With that said I’ve got to go do a bit of cleaning up... one other little thing to note. As I’ve gone through the attunements I’ve continued to notice changes in how I feel, my energy... well I’ve come to the conclusion that Reiki can cause some massive static electricity. How do I come to that conclusion? Nothing has changed in our house... I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been “shocked” in the last five years. In the last five hours I’ve been shocked as much as that and triple since yesterday. You do the math ;) I don’t mind though, it’s just further evidence that this IS making serious changes in my energy...


Peace, Love & Light until I am able to blog again.


Dave AKA Mr Spirit



Alice Langholt said...

You ARE electric! You're wonderfully sensitive to energy and your blog entries are so engaging, sincere and descriptive!

Keep it up! I'm on the edge of my seat and blessed to be along for the ride with ya!


Mr Spirit said...

Aww thanks so much Alice! It's all thanks to you that I'm getting the opportunity to have this amazing daily journey! I couldn't have found a better mentor! BTW everybody... that's the greatest mentor in the world up there!

Rachel Whalley said...

Oh my GOD! Thank you so much for this post. I'm an energy healer (aware of this for 1 year, but probably going on since childhood). I have noticed my ridiculous attraction(?) to static electricity, which just seems to increase as each year comes, and wondered if I were being silly for thinking I was exeperiencing more of it than others around me.

I had begun to wonder if getting shocked so often had to do with me being an energy vessel or running more energy or something.

That's a convoluted comment, but what I mean is "me too, yes with the static, and thank god you validated that for me!"

Mr Spirit said...

Understood completely Rachel and thank you so much for the comment AND my own validation as well! Now I don't think I'm quite as crazy! ;) LOL

Rachel Whalley said...

Now the second interesting "random" occurrance to validate would be the streetlights. Do you ever notice them going out or coming back on just as you pass beneath them or by them?

I'm not talking about *all* streetlights coming on at dusk or anything. I'm talking about walking around after dark and passing by a particular lightpole and BOOM it just goes out. Or flickers back on.

This happens to me all the time. Does this happen to everybody? Or particularly to us highly electric peoples?

I would love your thoughts.

Please feel free to email me at, in case I don't remember to check back again for a reply on your blog.

Jillian Faith said...

Anyone still on this thread? Ever since my last atunement I have been experiencing the static. It's only getting more intense. There was a time recently that I shocked myself and I literally (visibly) saw a blue spark. Even a person who doesn't believe in energy healing would have seen it. Just now Had another shock from water... This keeps getting more intense. It's strange.